BOCS Unit/Accessories

BOCS UltraBasic BOCS™ System
P/N: XSB08-01

Includes: BOCS™ Supercombiner, 1 Remote, Instruction Manual

The basic system includes the components necessary for a basic installation - you provide your own RCA cables, IR cables, and COAX cables. Order the basic system if adding a second BOCS™ system to your home. Don't forget to get an install kit so you have everything you need to get BOCS™ up and running and an remote for every room of the house.

BOCS Learning RemoteUniversal Remote
P/N: RS08-01

Having an BOCS™ wireless remote in every room makes enjoying movies, your desktop's audio files, or any content from your home entertainment center quick and easy. Buy two or more and get a discount with a bulk pack.

BOCS RepeaterRepeater

If your home is over 6000 sq.ft., multilevel, or your BOCS™ unit will be more than 75 feet from your farthest TV, the remotes might need a little help getting their signals back to the BOCS™. This repeater, plugged into any wall outlet between your BOCS™ and the furthest TV, will provide up to double the range.

BOCS WiringInstall Kit
P/N: ISK08-01

This kit comes with all the wires you will need to install an BOCS™ system. 3 High quality color coded RCA cables 3 IR Blaster Cables - with visual flashing 1 Cable Locator 1 18" Quad-Shield RG6 coax for attaching a DVR

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