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BOCS Signs Amperor as Exclusive North American Distributor

Feb 10th, 2009 --

BOULDER - BOCS Inc., a Boulder-based startup, has made the next step in launching whole-home entertainment for the US market.

Amperor, a world leader in communication, health, and power equipment has taken on BOCS as a complimentary product to its existing line of high tech consumer electronics. Already a leader in Skype equipment and stand alone media centers, Amperor's addition of BOCS creates a compelling destination for customers.

"BOCS is the perfect addition to our offering. We already have the HDX1000 media center which allows a user to watch videos, pictures, and live content stored locally or on your home computer on your big-screen TV. BOCS allows our customers to extend that functionality to every TV in the home without spending more money" said RC HO, owner of Amperor.

"With a solid web presence, exceptional customer service, and an incredible fulfillment facility in Houston, TX, Amperor is the perfect partner to take care of sales and marketing logistics", said David Feller Chief Marketing Officer of BOCS.


Xtender shares entertainment center's appliances
By Jeff Thomas

November 14, 2008 --

BOULDER - BOCS Inc., a Boulder-based startup, is releasing a product for the holidays that will let your whole family change the channel - on different televisions using different media devices.

The company has kept its product quiet and is using an insular group to test its technology.

"We were keeping things somewhat quiet," said David Feller, the company's chief marketing officer. "We just used friends and families of our employees to get the technology just right."

BOCS, which stands for broadcast on command server, already has about 200 working models of its Xtender system in homes across the county.

The Xtender is a plug-in electronic appliance that shares an entertainment center's appliances with the rest of the house. The Xtender box allows three television inputs to be plugged in - such as a TiVo, DVR, a DVD jukebox and an iPod dock - and then broadcast through existing coaxial cable to all the televisions in the home.

The home-entertainment product went from concept to product in less than three years. The concept actually began with Todd Beetcher, the company's chief executive officer, training for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

"I actually moved my TiVo into the basement for bicycle training, and my family was kind of disappointed they weren't able to use it," Beetcher said. "It's expensive getting more boxes, so I started mulling over other options. Necessity is the mother of invention."

When using the Xtender, other televisions in the home don't need any other boxes to hook into the same inputs. The technology creates three new channels on the television, which can be assessed by the television's own tuner, and television remote communicates with the Xtender box wirelessly to turn on and play the input boxes.

Not having any additional boxes was important to the concept, not only because of the additional expense but also to keep more electronics from entering into the waste stream, Beetcher said.

"We wanted it to be inexpensive, and we really didn't want to be adding any additional boxes to homes."

The technology has a lot of additional advantages: People in different rooms can watch the same show that has been recorded or downloaded; someone could watch half a movie downstairs, pause the movie and then finish watching it in the bedroom; and parents can even remotely check what their kids are watching via the Xtender box.

The company's main management team has a lot of experience around Boulder County technology circles, as most of them were in senior management at Cornice, including Chief Technology Officer Curt Bruner, who founded the former small-drive storage company.

"Cornice was ending, and we were kind off kicking around this idea of a home-distribution solution and reached out to (Bruner) to see if he was interested in doing this again," Beetcher said.

BOCS largely has landed its angel funding through its own sources, including an initial $2.5 million and another $6 million that will be announced shortly, Beetcher said. He added that the company raised some money since the initial round. "We actually raised hundreds of thousands of dollars during the worst week of the market crash."

The company has kept things small with only 12 employees but is already in production and ramping up distribution networks.

The company saw its first two major production runs, totaling about 1,000 units, delivered in the U.S. the last week of October. Much of the incoming capital will be spent on solidifying production output, along with ramping up distribution.

Many of the first 1,000 units may be distributed through Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association members. The international trade association consists of companies that specialize in planning and installing electronic systems for the home.

The units are priced around $500, but that might vary according to the distributor and retailer. "We know the product works, we know it sells, and we've got our IP protection," Beetcher said.

"We've got a solid road map - it's all about capital recruitment and execution."


September 2007

Xtender in Alpha Field trials BOCS™ launches units in 4 states in anticipation of a Q2'08 volume launch

March 2007

New Office! BOCS™ files first system patent covering core technologies.


August 2006

Patent Filed BOCS™ opens office in Boulder, CO including full lab and customer demo suite

February 2006

BOCS™ founded BOCS™ is founded by a specialized CE team with a plan to create a new consumer technology base